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Enter the Next State of Execution Management

let us mine your process

We consult with our client's step by step as we help them adopt process mining technologies and transform into an organization that turn insights to action.

In order for you to drive stronger business value and execution excellence we support and enable your organisation to visualizeanalyze, and establish real-time actionability.


We support you all the way from technical implementation to functional process analytics, training and enablement, project management and strategic steering.


We are a nordic company leveraging nordic passion for high level and precise value, quality, simplicity and grit. Let us mine your process and consult you through Evaluation, Implementation and Scaling your process mining enablement with actionability and value in focus.


Are you not yet certain that process mining is fit for your organization or want support to establish an investment business case?

Biswise will support you in:

  • Your initial evaluation efforts and lead you through a qualifying Proof-of-Value (PoV). Through a PoV where we not only show Proof-of-Concept (PoC).

  • We use your data to pinpoint and make a true judgment and seizing of the initial value that will be realized for your organization

  • We will evaluate organizational fit

  • Take an integrated approach with your organization to let you evaluate and experience the value firsthand

  • Support you in building the business case for further investment.


Once the investment case is established, we can seamlessly transition to full implementation of the very important first use cases that will bring you quick and undeniable ROI.

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how it works in 2 steps

Discovery workshop

  • Discover fit between corporate objectives and process improvement

  • Analyze which improvement opportunities are the most relevant to focus on

  • Find suitable process(es) and metrics to focus on in a proof scenario

  • Define clear success criteria upfront to ensure a value-adding proof project

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Implementation efforts require technical, functional and strategic enablement skills.

We have all three.

We pay attention to your organizational goals and know how to leverage sustainable action-enabling solutions, gain organizational buy in and lead through change.


The implementation efforts will set you up for:

  • Successful ROI

  • A fitting organizational structure around the technology that enable your organisation for future continuous improvement 

  • Execution excellence and management.


Is this your first implementation or do you need a solid partner to find and establish your next valuable use case? We will support both.


Implementation for process mining are quick, straight forward and quite painless unlike most technology projects you might be used to.


Scale & Adopt

Given a successful initial implementation you should also be set up with a sound organizational structure to secure maintainability and further adoption and scaling.


A center of excellence is a proven concept wether you want to take a dominantly top-down or bottom-up approach. But remember that it’s in the end all about enabling your operations.


From Biswise's Expert hub we can provide:

  • All competencies and valuable tactics needed to spark scaling and adoption

  • CoE as a Service

  • Flexible resources on the go

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