SAP Analytics Cloud® -Visualizing innovation

With Analytics Cloud, SAP takes a new approach to analysis - a cloud-based system for both analysis and planning that is well integrated into SAP Cloud Platform.


Data does not need to be moved from source systems to separate data storage, but can be analyzed where it already exists - a big advantage that shows the power of SAP's HANA technology. Both SAP and non-SAP systems are supported as data sources - but there are a number of technical aspects to consider before dealing with in-place analytics.


SAP also provides pre-configured content for different industries and business areas. With the phrase "never start from scratch again", this content provides a flying start to the analysis project. It is possible to expand this content, and to create new reports and analyzes using open standards.

SAP Analytics Cloud will be the natural way to conduct analysis on Saas solutions like SuccessFactors and Fieldglass. Despite the name, Cloud Analytics is not only an analysis tool but also a planning tool. Planning and BI can thus be done in the same tool.

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